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Group Fitness Class Etiquette

Each year I update a list of class etiquette rules. This year I surveyed over fourty GF Instructors, and this is the end result. You may have more you would like to add and encourage you to comment and share your ideas. This is in no way a negative review of classes, rather reminders we could all do a little better.

Follow The Instructor

Even if you think the choreo is being done wrong, just go with what the instructor is doing. It is the #1 request by instructors.

Why? Because it can throw off the instructor and the flow of the class when you are deliberately doing something totally different.

How to address it? Approach the instructor AFTER class. The same goes for instructors attending other instructors' classes or team teaching. NEVER correct a teacher in front of their class unless they look at you like "what's next?" Otherwise, save notes for after. Most of the time they correct the missteps anyway- and if not, laugh it off and GO WITH IT

This Spot Is Mine!

Coming in at #2. Claiming a "spot" You do not own a spot in group fitness. Placing water bottles for your friends may seem like a good way to save their place, but really it's sending a message to your fellow classmates, you can't stand here. Your friend needs to show up on time to get that spot. NEVER tell someone "you're in my spot" Ladies we left high school years ago! Let's go with... #youcanstandbyme

Why? We want to create a welcoming class atmosphere. There is room for everyone when we make it.

How to resolve it? Look for the new person, stand in different spots each week to meet new faces., & introduce yourself.

Respect The Bubble

It's not a concert. Create space and be aware of your surroundings. "This is my dance space. This is your dance space. I don't go into yours, you don't go into mine."~Dirty Dancing

Why? For safety reasons alone, we don't want to be tripping over each other. You may have someone dealing with anxiety or claustrophobia. Even in a Yoga class, you will hear the instructor ask for permission to adjust someone. Respecting The Bubble.

Hot to resolve? Be aware of your space. Adjust your position if necessary. Using the staggered placement also helps so everyone can the instructor and the mirror. Classes with equipment can help set up before class Dance classes use open spaces.

Common Sense

  • Wear deodorant

  • No perfume or fragrant lotions

  • Notify the instructor of any injuries so we can help you with any modifications.

  • Instructors often film classes to promote, if you do not want to be filmed just let the instructor know.

  • Turn down the brightness on your phone, if in a dark room such as a spin class. The glare is distracting to EVERYONE around you.

  • Smile, welcome people into class, be KIND.

  • Take phone calls outside

  • If you use it, wipe it down

I hope these tips are helpful as our goal as group fitness instructors is to develop a positive class atmosphere. Good luck with your classes!

The Mission Statement

The mission and goal of a group fitness class
The Mission

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