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My name is Tamra

For fun, I'm a certified SUP Instructor. During the summer I teach Paddle-board lessons and SUP fitness. My love for lake life and warm desert weather runs deep, plus I don't do cold weather. So, I moved to Southern Utah with my family a few years ago to be outdoors all year round.

I am the wellness center's director, including fitness classes, personal training, tennis, pickleball, Pilates, and spa. 

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Meet Tamra

Photo of owner of GroupX Method, Tamra

Certified Fitness Trainer 
and Personal Coach

I've been a group fitness instructor for over 17 years, and I am now the Wellness Director Entrada At Snow Canyon. 


I didn't set foot in a gym until I was in my thirties. It all started after years of dealing with back issues and being overweight. I decided to make a lifestyle change for myself and for my family. As I set out to share what I had learned, I figured, why not do it by getting certified to be a group fitness instructor? I was first certified in Pilates before adding other formats. Five years into teaching group fitness, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. While it has given me a whole new set of challenges, it has also driven me to help others with chronic illnesses. I have also found my passion for mentoring and managing fitness instructors. Your success as an instructor is my goal, and I aim to be your biggest cheerleader. 

I am the mom of four girls and two dogs and married for over 29 years. I love being outdoors, hiking, paddle boarding, and event planning. 

My Vision

My vision is to give fitness instructors the tools they need to be an Ideal Instructor. What is the ideal instructor? It is NOT the idea of being perfect, but one that is confident in their skills, and ready to have FUN.


Once you pass the online certification many instructors are left with the "what now?", and that is where I fit in. For seasoned instructors who are looking to add to their skills or simply review, this is a great place to start. I am a firm believer in always being a student. No matter how long we have been doing something, there is always more we can learn from each other. 

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