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Fitness Classes Vs Personal Training: Which is best for progressive training?

As group fitness instructors and personal trainers, how can you offer progressive training to your students/clients? First you need to understand progressive training vs progressive overload training. Progressive training in a group fitness class can apply to cardio classes as well as strength formats. It is the increase on one's endurance and strength over a period time, without necessarily keeping a precise record. Education is key before you can implement progressive training for clients. Personal trainers will use the progressive overload method for their clients, the increase in weight and intensity over time. Where as group fitness instructors may not have ever considered using a progressive training method; and for good reason, it's hard to keep track of a large class.

GFI's are able to give basic cues to remind students to listen to their own bodies and challenge them to increase the level of exertion or increase weights. In a group fitness class it is up to the student to keep track of time, days lifting, increase in weights etc. Personal trainers will keep track of your progress for you . Review these slides for more information on using progressive training in your group fitness classes.

Fitness Classes vs. Personal Training: Which one is best for progressive training

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