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5 Tips To Welcome Your Group Fitness Class

1 Announce your name & the class Introduce yourself, welcome your class, and make any announcements. This is your moment to show who you are. Get your class excited for a fun and energetic class. Name your class, and make sure your students know what class they are in. Especially if your gym has multiple classes running at the same time.

"Hi my name is Tamra, thank you for coming to Barre Fusion, we are going to have such a good time! Don't forget about the Holiday class next week."

2 What to expect We want to reassure our newcomers and anyone new to a group fitness class. We all know what it feels like that first time stepping into class. It is your job to make them feel at-ease and reassure them they are in the right place. Give a heads up on what exercises you will be doing, if you'll be showing modifications, and a reminder to drink plenty of water during class.

"This is a full body workout with extra core at the end. If you are new, no worries; I'll be showing modifications throughout the class. Please do what feels right for your body and take water breaks as needed."



If your class uses equipment, announce ahead of time what they will need and how you want it set up for safety reasons. Use a whiteboard when available. This is helpful if you have anyone who comes in a little late. "Hi I'm Tamra Welcome to Barre Fusion! Today you will need a chair, a set of light weights, a ball, and a mat. Please set small equipment underneath your chair, with your mat off to the side to use for later in class."

4 Fun Also, we're going to have a good time!. Group fitness is a community! Get your class pumped up. LET's GO!

"Did I mention we're going to have a good time together? This class isn't about perfection, we're going to have a great workout and party! Let's Go!."

5 The result Welcoming your class builds retention and class unity. It sets the standard for your students to be welcoming as well. Be you, be genuine, that's it. Good luck my instructors!

"Hi I'm Tamra, thank you for coming to Barre Fusion. Quick reminder, next week is the holiday class, so wear your favorite holiday socks. "

Today is a full-body workout with the extra core at the end. You'll need a set of light weights, ball, and mat. Set everything under your chair with the mat off to the side for later. If you are new to the class, no worries; I show modifications throughout, please do what feels right for your body and take plenty of water breaks. Let's get ready to sweat and have a good time!"

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