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90 min Evaluation and Assessment 

This assessment includes a postural analysis and gathering of information to create a workout specific to your body and goals. 

5 day workout program plus 4 week check ins

Need a little more guidance and motivation? I create a workout for you to do once with me and then continue at your own pace at home. I will check in with you weekly. 

50 min online personal training

By this time we have already talked and have a goal in mind. Get ready to workout online or in person. 

Pilates private session

My first love is Pilates. There's something about those movement and low-impact exercises that makes you feel good all over. Except for the one that make you maybe a little sore:) 

Create 5 day workout program 

This is a workout plan for those who are motivated but don't know where to even start. I create a plan you do for as many weeks as you like, and then assess as you feel like leveling up. 

Special Popluations

This is a group that has more specific needs and goals. Maybe you are recovering from an injury, or have a chronic illness. This requires a few more in-depth sessions and possibly working with your physical therapist or doctor. 


Personal Training Services


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