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Culture Vs Community In Group Fitness

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Why is it so important to build the two differently? Because if you lose the class culture, you will not have a community. It starts in your class., from the moment they walk in the door. Making the extra effort to engage with your class makes a big difference. Would you go back to a class that was cold and uninviting? Probably not.

I've been asked to not come back, I've been told to go to the back of the room, I ultimately did not stay. The reasons are not important, I will say it was a clear move of power and a worry that I would steal attention. And I have never recommended their class to anyone else. It was not the culture I wanted to be in. What I do have control over is what I do about it in my class. I engage, I welcome, I ask names, I ask about their life and goals. Yes I have time for all that while I'm setting up.

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